Tony Abbott tackles ice epidemic with national taskforce

THE federal government has established a taskforce to co-ordinate a national response to the scourge of the drug ice.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said ice use was growing around the nation, ruining individuals, destroying families and hurting communities. He said the Australian Crime Commission believes ice currently poses the highest risk to the community of all illicit drugs, with usage almost doubling in the past year.
“As a citizen and as a parent I am appalled at what is happening on our streets and in our homes,” he said.

Warning about Asian based rehabs

No matter where an Asian based rehab staff come from, the reality is, sending yourself or a loved one to Thailand or Bali for recovery is fraught with danger.

Most places subscribe to the 12 step program which we have found to be very ineffective long term.

The medical system certainly isn't comparable to our own, I know of one young mans family who after going to Thailand for recovery, ended up in a Thai psychiatric ward, and spent what seemed like forever getting out. He described the experience as hell.

What if you or a loved one lapses and are thrown out, and tries to buy a substance on the streets of Thailand or Bali, there is simply is no tolerance and severe penalties, including death.

Make the smart choice, look for a recovery facility here in Oz, make sure they have expert staff and effective programs.

The Health Retreat ticks every box, please read our testimonials.


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